Facemasks for UF Health/Shands

Our Community Service Bee spearheaded an emergency facemask drive for UF Health/Shands’ medical staff to protect them during the Coronavirus crisis.  

These masks were made with special material donated by UF, and they are designed and tested to be safe for medical personnel working with COVID-19 patients.  

QACDG member Georgetta Graham helped to design the approved masks and produced online tutorials. She was a hub for distribution and monitoring for the kits going out and coming in and for quality control.  

Sewing instructions were posted on the UF website. Click here for the written tutorial as well as a video.

By the time this project ended, QACDG quilters had sewn and donated 2,260 facemasks!

But it didn’t end there. Many community and health organizations asked for help in supplying their staff and clients with facemasks, so QACDG quilters continue to make and donate cloth facemasks throughout the region.
cloth facemasks
Members are making and donating hundreds of facemasks for community groups.