QACDG Makes a Difference

Community Service in the News

Every year, in mid October, the Community Service bee comes together to sort the quilts that will be donated to local agencies. Guild members work on the quilts all year long, and distribute them to the recipients in October. In 2022, the Ingathering event was featured on WUFT, a local TV station.

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Quilt Blocks for Ukraine

In early March 2022 (about a week after Russia invaded Ukraine), quilter Claudia Pfeil of Germany posted a request on her social media. She asked quilters to send 8-1/2” blocks in blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag. She will make them into quilts for refugees/children who are fleeing Ukraine.

Claudia writes: “Calling my friends worldwide: I will start a project, collecting blocks in 8-1/2″ (seam allowance included), colors: blue/yellow (Ukrainian flag), techniques: everything is allowed… I will sew and quilt one or more quilts (depending on how many blocks I will receive), donate them to refugees (children?) from Ukraine coming to Europe or whatever the future will lead me to. I am soooo absolutely devastated about the news that I want, no… I need to do something and the only thing I can do is quilt and ask for peace!”

blue and yellow quilt blocks made for Ukraine refugee quilts
blue and yellow quilt blocks made for Ukrainian refugee quilts
blue and yellow quilt blocks made for Ukrainian refugee quilts

At the April guild meeting, 110 quilt blocks were collected from participating guild members and mailed to Germany. This is enough for 5+ quilts!

Face Masks for UF Health/Shands Hospital

During the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, our Community Service Bee spearheaded an emergency face mask drive for UF Health/Shands’ medical staff to protect them during the Coronavirus crisis.

These masks were made with special material donated by UF, and designed and tested to be safe for medical personnel working with COVID-19 patients.

QACDG member Georgetta Graham helped to design the approved masks and produced online tutorials. She was a hub for distribution and monitoring for the kits going out and coming in, and for quality control.

By the time this project ended, QACDG quilters had sewn and donated 2,260 face masks!

cloth facemasks
Members are making and donating hundreds
of face masks for community groups
and health workers

But it didn’t end there. Many community and health organizations asked for help in supplying their staff and clients with face masks, so QACDG quilters continue to make and donate cloth face masks throughout the region.