Quilting Natural Florida 2006

Summer 2006

Quilting Natural Florida was a juried exhibit celebrating the natural history of the state of Florida.

The event was hosted by the Quilters of Alachua County Day guild and held at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, Florida.

The exhibit featured over seventy quilts from quilters across the country. Forty of the quilts were submitted by Florida quilters.

Butterflies, Panthers and Birds, Oh My! – poster by Elaine Wagner & Linda Correll

Quilt credits are listed below the photo gallery. Due to layout constraints, the names could not be added to each photo.

  • Column 1, top to bottom
  • Protect Our Florida Manatees, Lyla J. Lundeen
  • Wonders of the Sea, Valerie Malkemes
  • Secrets of the Suwannee, Julie Mainor
  • Tranquility, Ellen Mason
  • Whirling Lizards and Florida Beauties, LaVeda Longfellow Myers
  • Unknown
  • Tourist Season, Sally Glaze
  • The Protector (Part of an Alaskan’s View of Florida), Mary Lee
  • The Offering, Sandra Austin
  • The Original Florida – Do Not Disturb, Teddy Pruett
  • Sunny Hill Canopy Road, Martha Tilden
  • Shark Valley, Nancy K. Nelson
  • Springtime in Gainesville: A Love Poem, Pennie Magee
  • Snacktime, Carol Wight Jones
  • San Felasco Forest, Gloria C. Comstock
  • Seashells and Starfish, Roberta Chalfy Miller
  • Sand Castles and Sea Anemones, Becky Hand
  • Sabal’s Saturday Night on the Town, Mary Jay McClave
  • Column 2, top to bottom
  • Really “Reel” Fish, Sherri Coen
  • Rain Down upon the Suwannee, Mary A. Plance
  • Peep of the Beach, Laurie Bianchi
  • My Florida Backyard, Mary Beth Kostewicz
  • Paynes Prairie, Lyla H. Lundeen
  • No Snow Zone, Anne Weinstein
  • Old Folks Play, Sandra Lindfors
  • My Fishes, Jackie Roush
  • Sandpipers on St. Pete Beach, Nancy K. Nelson
  • Pieces of Eight, Lynne Capehart
  • Morning Snack, Stacy West
  • Mornin’ Glory, Alice Greenspan
  • Mangroves, Stacy West
  • Mommy?, Kerry Lynn Kerns
  • Maple Mandala, Candace McCaffery
  • Mangroves, Faith Pfalz
  • Leaves, Margaret Forgnone
  • Manatees, Faith Pfalz
  • Hike Florida’s Trails, Linda Benton
  • Column 3, top to bottom
  • Heron Framed by Palmettos, Carol Burns
  • Hanging Vines, Diane Hamburg
  • Great Blue Heron, Beverly J. Judd
  • Frogs in a Pond, Norma Weseman Munson
  • A Floristic Inventory of Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, Kathleen M. Davis and Marybeth Rinzler
  • Florida Wetland II, Roleen Clark Lewis
  • Florida Sunset with Friends, Barbara Plough
  • Florida Convergence, Cynthia Townsend
  • Florida’s Siren Song: Sun, Sea, Sand, Swamp Cabbage, Mary Jay McClave
  • Florida’s Magic Kingdom, Margaret Gingerich
  • The Florida Panther is Fading From the Palmettos, Barbie Swanson
  • Florida Feathers, Joanne Osburn
  • Florida Oranges with Seminole Patch, Maria M. Wallace
  • Florida Beaches, Maria M. Wallace
  • Flamingo Sunset, Linda Cowell
  • Fishing at Flagler, Linda Henderson
  • A Page From My Scrapbook, Deb Hardman
  • February Fantasy, Mona Hendrickson and Mary Lee
  • Ferns, Ira L. Inman
  • Dragonfly Pond, Mary Markworth
  • Dunes and Ditch Banks, Joan New
  • Column 4, top to bottom
  • Cool Coral Reef, Mary Markworth
  • Butterfly Business, Carolyn Conrey
  • A Day in Florida, Lynette Motz
  • Butterflies in Flight, Fran Wingard and Pam McIntyre
  • Bromeliad, Stacy West
  • Blue Heron with Wet Feet, Sandra Pozzetta
  • Blue Heron at Sunset, Norma Weseman Munson
  • Birds at Sunrise, Fran Wingard and Pam McIntyre
  • Bed Quilt, Dorothy Brown
  • “Becarce”, Bonnie Walker
  • Banana Republic, Linda H. Hoffmeister
  • Atlantic After the Storms, Patricia Lester
  • At Home in Florida, Joan New
  • A Sunset at Crescent Beach, Joan New
  • All the Beauties of the Florida Springs, Mary Mahoney
  • The Florida Beach, Jennifer Imhoff
  • Florida the Beautiful, Molly O’Donnell
  • Florida Frontier, Emily Pemberton
  • Florida’s Fun Ozark Tiles, Hanna Oliver

Scenes from the Exhibit

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