Quilts By The River

Quilts by the River is an annual quilt show in Palatka, Florida. A number of our members have displayed award-winning quilts during past years at this festival.


I Only Had One Crayon, Celeste Beck
Potato Chip Chicken, Celeste Beck
Happy Citrus, Mary Fox
Family Secrets, Lynne Hartman
Third Place
Sofie’s August Morning, Lynne Hartman Second Place
It Was Just Another Ordinary Blue Day,
Merri McKenzie
Soft Caress, Patty Marchionno
Enzo, Patty Marchionno
Second Place
Sealed With A Kiss, Patty Marchionno
Mini Log Cabin, Rosemary Bakker,
Third Place
Little Shade Trees, Rosemary Bakker,
Second Place
Eye Of The Beholder, Nancy Roberts
Storm At Sea, Carla Action
Honorable Mention


Explosion, Celeste Beck
Cotton Candy Explosion, Celeste Beck
Third Place (2022)
Our Community, Genie White
Second Place (2022)
Crossed Canoes, Rosemary Bakker
Third Place (2021)
Calendar Quilt, Carla Action
Second Place (2021)
Calendar Girls, Marilyn Wagner
First Place (2019)